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Stratum supply a range of Drive Caddies for Toshiba, Compaq, IBM, NEC, AST and other makes of computers so that you can fit a new drive and keep your old drive and caddie as a backup device. We also supply caddies fitted with disk drives up to 5Gb, pre-formatted and ready to install in your notebook computer.

  • Satellite Pro range
  • Tecra 500 range
  • Tecra 700 range

  • Elite range
  • LTE 5100 range

  • Thinkpad 360
  • Thinkpad 750 range
  • Thinkpad 760



How about an extra Hard Disk? Stratum also supply a range of external disk drives either connected through the parallel port or through the PC CARD (PCMCIA) port and seen by the computer as drive D: or E: etc. Why not upgrade your notebook with a larger hard disk and let us fit your old drive in an external enclosure? It makes a great backup device.